Brake Wear on 2002 Subaru Impreza

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My 02 Impreza has about 105000 miles. I've just installed the 3rd replacement set of rear brake pads and rotors. Still running front original set with good lining remaining. Anyone have a good idea what's wrong. This is enough to have me bad-mouthing Subaru soon.
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It could be that your parking brake is not set correctly, and your rear pads are dragging when they should not be doing so. This would cause your pads and rotors to wear out in very short order. Has any one calibrated the rear parking brake? There is a special tool that I use to completely retract the rear caliper pistons when I do a rear brake job on any rear parking brake disc brake system.Then I really carefully set up the rear brakes and carefully adjust the parking brake settings. Good Luck!

Ok. If your vehicle has ABS, that takes the place of the proportioning valve., so this is something to keep in mind. What specific Impreza do you have, i.e. WRX, Outback etc? Also are you using the factory ceramic pads or an after market type? What brand rotors and pads are you using?
I say bad mouth subaru!
You know dandd is correct. there's only four different Impreza models. Not knowing which model you have limits our ability to help you. I bet, that you are not using the correct parts on the rear brakes, hence premature wear.
You are correct, you do not have ractheting calipers for the emergency brakes. You may have calipers not working correctly. Have you ever had a complete brake flush on the system?
PLEASE! WHAT MODEL IMPREZA IS IT !!!!!!!!!!! We can give you more help if you tell us what model it is. If you don't know then what is the vin number?
Thanks for the reply, dandd. Unfrotunately, that's probably not the issue; because, this vehicle has integral drum brake parking brake. I'm wondering if there might be an issue with the proportioning valve. Just wondered if anyone else has seen this.
Thanks for the tip. Have not done system flush. I'll put that on the list.
Sorry, all, to take so long to get back to you. Been gone. The model is WRX.
Sounds to me like your problem is with the front brakes. They should have worn out by 60k. The rears are doing all the work and wearing prematurely. I'd check to see if the pads are siezed in the holders.
Thanks. I'll check that. Just because the front rotors are bright, would not mean they are taking full load if there is some significant pad bind/drag.