Brake Warning Light Stays On on 2000 Toyota Camry

The brake warning light won't go off after the emergency brake was applied, even when the brake is off. How to fix?

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Check the level of brake fluid in the brake fluid resivior in the right rear of the engine compartment looking in from the grill of the car (hood open). Top up the resivior with brake fluid if required. If the fluid level is down just a little bit (enough to turn on the light) it may be a sign that the brake pads are low in material thickness and the fluid level has dropped to compensate. If the fluid is down a lot you have a leak in either case the car needs to be inspected. If the battery light and brake fluid/handbrake light is illuminated it is usually a problem with the charging system/alternator.
Finally I have seen the "float" in the fluid resivor stick. Removing the resivior and cleaning it solves this problem.
i have the same problem with the brake fluid warning light staying on then the battery light comes on and engine dies 20 mins later it will start up and run fine then brake light will come on followed by battery light and it cuts out again ....if just the battery warning light comes on and i rev it past 4000 revs light goes out and everything is ok and you can drive all day but eventually the light comes back on and it all stars again any ideas on the problem would be appreciated
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Does it come on and off from time to time? I've had this problem in the past w/ my 2000 camry. It seemed to do this more w/ cold weather. I was told it was a worn-out/malfunctioning sensor that need replacement. Hope this helps.
autotechpat is right on the money. pads were worn down enough to set off the brake fluid sensor. new brake pads solved the problem, as the fluid level returned to normal.
brake light want go off