Brake warning light randomly comes on/off while driving on 1999 Toyota Avalon

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Recently I bought a used '99 Toyota Avalon with ~62k miles. Since the purchase the car has been functioning very well however occasionally the brake warning light comes on while I'm traveling at a steady pace (e.g. going down a straight road at 40mph) but eventually shuts off.
The other times the light comes on are every so often when I use the brakes (but not always -- not even at just short stops --- it comes on at normal deceleration), make turns, or come to a complete stop.
I checked the brake fluid which is at the proper level, and I've also had a computerized engine check which came out clear so my guess is the sensor needs to be adjusted, but I'm not sure.
Should I bring the car to the dealer?
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i had the same problem on my 1999 toyota avalon changed out brake pads on all 4 wheels problem solved