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1998 Chrysler Sebring Question: Brake travel all the way to the floor

I am trying to get a 1998 Sebring through inspection and it failed for the brake pedal travel to the floor. The brake pressure was good and the brakes seem to work normal. I replaced the fluid and cleaned out the reservoir, put new front pads on (the rotors are good), new shoes on the back (drums are good), and adjusted the tension lever on both rear brakes to specs, and bled system. Brake pedal travel seems normal until you turn the ignition over and the power assist kicks in, then it goes very close to full travel to the floorboard. -
Answer 1
Verify that you don't have any of the caliper pistons hanging up, brake pads sticking, out of adjustment shoes etc. Are you bleeding the brakes manually or with a power bleeder? -