Brake system on 2004 Buick Rainier

Repair Pal,

I’m having a great deal of problem with the brake system on my 2004 Buick Rainer. My ABS, Park Brake lights
and service brake system flash across my dash. I had the brake service, brake fluid change and the brake
pads change. The brake pedal appears to be normal, the car stop without any problem. The Buick dealer couldn’t
find any things on their computer with king of problem.
Could I have a faulty brake sensor somewhere??? or could I have the computer erase the problem?
The above function appear after a few minutes when I start driving. I haven't been using the park brake handle. Also
one of my front wheel rotor was pretty bad, I had the passenger front wheel rotor turn, should I have had both front wheel rotor turn

Thanks again for the help

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With the ABS light coming on there should be fault code(s) stored in the ABS control module. Using a scan tool to read hand help diagnose any stored fault codes would be the first step. If there the ABS light is coming on and no fault codes are stored that may indicate an electrical problem related to the ABS module or a faulty ABS module.