Brake & signal light fuse keeps blowing on 1993 Buick LeSabre

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in the last couple of days, the brake & fuse light fuse keeps blowing. Can someone help me with this problem.
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It sounds like you have a short, which is why the fuse keeps blowing. What I do first is to see if it is possible to locate a side. Some cars have a fuses for the right side and a fuse for the left side. Then, once I have done that , I visually inspect the bulbs and sockets. Sometimes a contact breaks off inside the socket and it shorts out and blows the fuse because it touches power and ground at the same time.

Ok, but you have not said it is one side or both sides. This is really important. It helps to narrow down what is possible. Also, does it happen when you apply the brakes and/or use the turn signal lever?