brake shimmy on 2007 Kia Sorento

replaced the front pads twice & the rotors once i get a harder shimmy at about 1/2 brake pedal and worse the higher the speed. hard brake or light brake they feel almost perfect I do have a high spot blueing on the rotor not sure if it's the calipars hanging (4 piston type) or maybe the rubber brake hoses? those are the only other things i can think of causing the problem. I have no problems stopping no pulling just the annoying shimmimg at normal braking the pads look evenly worn just the rotors have a 2" blue/high spot on both the originals and the new replacement rotors. I am stumped but don't want to buy new calipars on a hunch just yet without a 2nd opinion, thanks

by in Hillsborough, NJ on June 01, 2011
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ANSWER by on June 01, 2011
I would question the quality of the brake rotors. They are definitely the cause of your shimmy. Blue spots can indicate overheating - I would not suspect calipers or hoses unless the pistons could be verified as difficult to compress. Perhaps have a look to make sure the rear brakes are performing up to par. Granted - they are rear disc brakes, and should be pretty much trouble free also. Make sure all your caliper slides are lubed and not binding.
COMMENT by on June 02, 2011
that's what I was thinking I had 4 piston on one of my other cars and never had a problem nor ever heard issues with 4 piston cals. the originals started about 35,000 and was sure it was the rotors even though they are vented I always thought they were too weak for the truck. I may just upgrade to a good H.P. rotor cause I drive a work and high miles so. the rears are good the first thing I checked both the 1st time and when it started with the new pads & rotors. Thanks Dave
COMMENT by on June 03, 2011
If you drive a mountain to work - indeed it may just be ...normal operating conditions that cause your overheating. Try downshifting to a lower gear instead of using the brakes as much. You've got the right idea, for sure.
ANSWER by on August 31, 2015
I am going to have to make an appointment to replace my left front rotor for the fourth time in 4 years. The rotor becomes warped and the front end starts shaking when applying the brakes. The last time I had non-KIA mechanic do the work (not covered by the extended warrantee we paid extra for, so went to a less expensive repair shop!) I asked the guy if some lubricant or anti-sieze product could be applies to caliper "rails" he said he would try to figure out a solution.... well it didn't work!!!

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