Infiniti EX35 Problem Report

Infiniti EX35 Brake Pulsation or Steering Wheel Vibration When Braking

(18 reports)

A brake pulsation or steering wheel vibration may be noted when braking, especially at highway speeds. Our technicians tell us that replacing the front brake backing plates, resurfacing or replacing the front brake rotors, and inspecting the front brake pads and caliper hardware and replacing as necessary will generally correct this concern.

Same problem as others have stated. The dealer wants me to spend $650 to upgrade to new backing plates and new rotors. Should this be covered as a recall/technical service bulletin? -
Pulsating when braking at high speeds (55+ mph). -
brake pulsaion or steering wheel vibration at highway speed braking. Visual inspection shows that brake pads may be cracked possibly due to warped rotors. Car has 25K miles. This is unaccepable for a $45K car. -
Vibration driving and braking at 65mph or above -
The car drifft to the right when I brack. and the car drift to the left in highway speed. -
Car vibrates excessively during braking. -
at about 18000 miles, felt pulsating brake pedal when braking normally at any speed, resulting jerky stops. resufacing the rotors costs $150/each. I have had many other non-infiniti cars but never experienced such brake problems. -
Dealer has tried to fix this problem on 4 occasions. It is still not fixed. -
Car shakes when braking on the highway or at higher speeds. -
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