brake problems on 2008 Volkswagen Jetta

just simply replaced the back break pads and went to test drive after completed and they stopped but very soft and would push all the way to the floor. tried bleeding but still soft. any help?

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How did you compress the caliper pistons back into the bore? It's possible that if you did not release the bleeder screws when pushing the pistons back that the master cylinder may have sustained damage. Verify there are no leaks, verify you do not have air in the lines. Beyond that you may be looking at replacing the master cylinder.
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First off, with semi-metallic pads, do not ever change just the pads, replace the brake rotors as well. If you flushed and bled the hydraulic system and it still is not working, check brake booster or vacuum assist. Doesnt sound like the fix, but it will eliminate some problems.