Brake problem on 1998 Toyota Sienna

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1998 Toyota Sienna, 165,000 miles. Well maintained. I was backing downhill out of my driveway and had to stop quickly. Front tires squealed a little. The front brakes stuck on. I jacked up front and could not spin either wheel in neutral. I disconnected battery and tapped on master cyclinder, proportion valve, and ABS unit. Reattached battery. Front breaks were now free. But, now it seems that the brakes stick on for a second after pedal is released. I pulled front calipers and pushed pistons all the way back in. Pads are still good and slides are fine. Still, brakes seem to stay on for a second after pedal released.
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Just a shot in the dark, but maybe your calipers are getting stuck? How hard was it to push them back in? I would take them off and clean them up real good, and put some wd40 in there to help them slide.
Well, It wasn't easy to push them back in. I used a C clamp and flat piece of metal to span piston. The slider pins are fine. I lubed them good. I have noticed the right front seems to engage a little quicker than left. Front kind of dips that way if I roll and stomp on brakes. I have never replaced either caliper and have owned Van since new. Do you know if those calipers are rebuildable?
Sorry I'm not familiar with the particular application, but if your looking to do the work yourself I know auto zone offers free repair guides online. The other option of course would be to replace the caliper but that could be pricey. Hope this helps.