Brake problem? on 2004 Lexus RX330

I came to Lexus dealer complaining about a chemical odor and grinding sound when I braked. Was told that my front calipers had failed. Was also told that I also needed new rotors and front brakes because the calipers had rusted onto the rotors. Calipers were covered under warranty, so I had them done. Brakes and rotor estimate were too high, so I took them somewhere else. Mechanic somewhere else said brakes were OK; still had a lot of wear left on the pads. However, now I am hearing the same grinding noise and noticing the rust (orange color) appearing on the rotors again. The rotors were all shined up when I left the deaer. There is also a lot of brake dust on the wheels. There is also a little steering wheel vibration. I am getting a third opinion. Does anybody have an idea what's up?

by in Chicago, IL on January 02, 2011
1 answer
ANSWER by on January 02, 2011
first of all, the rotors are warped from the heat. that is the vibration and probably the smell and noise is from the overheated material from the pads. get the pads and rotors replaced anyway and i will bet your problems will go away. Roy
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