Brake pedal goes way down to almost floor before working. on 1999 Dodge Grand Caravan

The brakes work, but I have to push the pedal down far before they work. The front brakes are good, no leaks at all, yes, it is possible that will have air inside the lines.

Here is the thing: A few months ago I putted a little bit of power steering fluid into the break fluid reservoir by mistake. Will this be related with current problem?
I disconnected the 4 brake lines right on the wheels and drained out the hole system from the old brake fluid (engine on and pushing the brake pedal continuously), once the reservoir was empty I filled it up with new Dot 3 and keep pedaling but the new fluid is not coming out.
Is this normal? I thought that the new fluid should come out with high pressure. Should I connect the lines back to the wheels so the new brake fluid will start circulating? So confused... What should I do?

Thanks in advance

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poss fluid leak at wheels or master cyl or just master cyl is letting fluid by pass and needs repling
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Hi my name is Jessie from Barbera's Autoland. We would like to schedule an appointment to diagnose your vehicle and correct your vehicle's problem. Please call us at 215-333-3700 and we will confirm an appointment and provide a quote. We look forward to hearing from you and correcting you car's issue. Thank you, Jessie Barbera's Autoland
First ensure that your vehicle takes DOT 3 fluid (manual or the resorvoir cap) If it takes DOT 4 (not a major deal, but if it is other (silocon based) get all of that fluid out. Next reconnect the lines and use the bleeder valve on the caliper (this usually has a rubber protective cover on it). You do not have to have the engine running to bleed your brakes. If you are doing this by yourself, get a "one man" brake bleeder kit. If this is the first time you have bleed brakes, I strongly suggest educating yourself with at least a Haynes Manual for your vehicle.