2003 Jaguar X-Type Q&A

2003 Jaguar X-Type Question: Brake Pedal

The pedal goes to the floor, but not without assistance -
Answer 1
This is generally due to the master cylinder failure. You should have it checked and replaced if it is found to be defective, and have the brake fluid flushed at the same time. -
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...the system. There was still in the system and seems to have been purged. When I depress the brake pedal when the car is off, the pedal goes part way, then it hitches and goes to the floor. When the...
I changed the brake fluid at 100,000 miles and now can't get them bleed, I am getting a little air from the back rear, but can't get it all out. The peddle goes to the floor, any help?
04 Jaguar X-type.. All 4 brakes will gradually lock-up within 10 miles!. Left rear caliper and rear pads replaced. also bled brake system w/Dot 3 fluid and replaced reservoir cap which was cracked....
Car was taken to shop and system bled. Told that the master cylınder may be bad because DOT 3 fluid was used in system. It states on the cap on resoviour that DOT 3 or 4 may be used. Have anyone...