Brake pad replacement on 1997 Mercedes-Benz C230

I have a tire/wheel off the front, and am curious if I need to remove the 13mm bolt on the rear of the caliper bracket to remove the pad. Or, am I making it too difficult? Often a car simply has a spring retainer. I do not see such on this car.

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Aren't they fixed calipers? All you need to do is knock the pin out and remove the silencer. Press the piston back in and load the new pads. Make sure to lubricate the end the make contact with the caliper itself.
After I wrote this question I found the answer.
The two 13mm bolts do need to be removed. A 15mm open end wrench needs to be used to hold the head of the slide pin so that it does not turn in the process. With the bolt out the caliper comes off, the pads are right there, easy to remove and replace.
Thank you Hal D for the response.
Good luck and make sure to lube the calipers and bed in the pads before normal driving.
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