brake noise after doing a brake job on the rear on 2003 Ford Escape

I did a brake job on my daughters car new roters pads on shoes and had the drums turned.everything was find for two three weeks.started hering noise in rear brakes also you could feel the brakes grabing I took them apart the only thing i founded was bottom spring on left rear was on wrong I changed it to the right place drove the car everything was good. about week later they said they were hering a little noise.If anybody has seen this problem please give me a answer thank you.triump 68

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Yes - You want to make sure that the emergency brake cables are releasing all the way. One that is hung up will keep a shoe partially engaged and cause all kinds of noise -
Good Luck
Thanks bobsmo I will take alook at them.I drove the car today the noise not that bad I backed it up and got on the pedal hard that seemed to make the noise go away.But I'll check those cables.THANKS FOR THE HELP triump 68