brake noise on 2006 Toyota RAV4

After I had my brake pad and re-surfaced the rotar by my dealer, there is gaa...noise ( quite loud) when I press down or release the brake. I took the car back to the dealer, they drive test it and there is no brake noise. What should I do since I hear the noise again when I brake the car? Is the noise a result of my releasing the brake too slowly? Should I be concerned about this brake noise? Thank you.

by in Hartsdale, NY on June 22, 2009
2 answers
ANSWER by on June 23, 2009
If you release brakes very slow they will make noise as the pads are slowly releasing the rotor. Try taking the technician for a test drive while you drive, so that you can create the noise and point it out to them.
ANSWER by on June 12, 2010
The rotors should have been replaced they are 2 far worn. The reason the dealer doesn't hear it is it takes a while for the rotors to heat up and once they do the high and low surfaces on the rotor are magnified and then you get the noise from the brake pad grabbing the high spots only.
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