Brake mastercylinder on 1990 Honda Accord

I have a 89 accord put a M/C on did a good bleed job 1 man and 2 man,and of course bench bled it but fluid is dissappearing from resevoir and i can not see where also replaced the rear wheel cylinders bc the bleeder screws broke off and when I apply the brakes the rears lock up it does not seem like the fronts are working at all even though fluid comes from calipers. I am thinking a bad M/C or maybe a bad proportioning valve, but they usually do not go bad.I can pump up brake with ignition off have hard pedal and when crank car pedal goes down a little and within 2 minutes or less goes to the floor, so what do you think? Thanks in advance for your help

by in Marietta, GA on April 03, 2011
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ANSWER by , April 04, 2011
Are you still losing fluid from the reservoir? The front calipers could be binding. Give me a call, maybe we can take a quick look.
COMMENT by , April 04, 2011
Yes I am, it is almost empty but i can not see where, some of the brake lines go thru passenger compartment so i can not see all lines and connections. The car is not too hard to push so I do not think the calipers are binding. I do not see your phone # anywhere so I can not call you
COMMENT by , April 07, 2011
Sorry, 770-343-9027 Jimmy at North Fulton Auto Center
ANSWER by , April 07, 2011
The new MC could ne leaking in the brake booster.