Brake master cylinder may need replacing at 125,000 miles on Toyota 4Runner

At 125,000-150,000 miles, the Master Cylinder may need replacing. It is critical to adjust the brake pedal to Master Cylinder pushrod clearance or the brakes will drag and over heat.

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Average mileage: 149,174 (62,000–195,000)
6 model years affected: 1994, 1996, 1997, 2003, more2004, 2007
12 people reported this problem
9 people shared problem details
2003 Toyota 4Runner162,000
ABS VSC and Brake light came on with a loud beeping noise. Power brakes went out shortly after. Brought it to Toyota and they said brake master cylinder needed to be replaced... $4500.
2004 Toyota 4Runner148,072
i get a noise and vibration from the master cylinder when i turn the vehicle on and sometimes when breakin.
2007 Toyota 4Runner106,000
Brakes failed completely towed to dealership, told whole master cylinder system needs to be replaced cost +$2500
2004 Toyota 4Runner150,000
Original owner and second time replacing frozen calipers. Replaced master cylinder 3 years earlier and now brakes locked up, VSC light on and mechanic claims master cylinder bad again. Of course, Toyota claiming one year warranty on a $2k part
2003 Toyota 4Runner179,463
I change my caliper an 'm front.brakes are hard an abs light is on an brake light to
1994 Toyota 4Runner195,000
I have a 2004 Toyota 4Runner with 195K miles. While driving at 30mph, breaks failed and loud cabin alarm sound and dash lights on. I had to pull into the grass, apply emergency break and down shift to avoid a crash. Kids in vehicle. Had to tow to dealership. Independent mechanics would not touch it. Master cylinder replacement cost: $3,300.
2003 Toyota 4Runner154,212
Sometimes earliest in the morning when starting the car had a crazy beeping sound and the brakes lights on can't move the Toyota 4Runner and dealing with this is very an pleasant and would like to know it's under Toyota Corp guarantee its for life of the car, because Toyota is one of the big corporate that apply high quality control on parts and assembly process to eradicate errors in the process of building to my belief it would cost lot money for having parts not to functions until the car miles is gone. I can call this a huge recall items to replace immediately and to be full cover.
2003 Toyota 4Runner150,000
Happened on a nice morning, I was heading to the beach with my family. All of a sudden I hear a loud beeping noise. I was really freaking out! I tried to step on the breaks but it wasn't stopping. So I had to use the emergency breaks and try to make it to a auto shop. Went there, they scanned my 4runner and said it's my break master. They told me I needed to change out the whole assembly.
2007 Toyota 4Runner62,000
Noise from master cyl. Pump
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