Brake line Failure on Chevrolet S10

Average mileage: 118,892 (50,000–180,000)
7 model years affected: 1990, 1995, 1996, 2000, more2001, 2002, 2003
14 people reported this problem
9 people shared problem details
2000 Chevrolet S1095,000
brake line rusted
1995 Chevrolet S1050,000
Had brake lines replaced.
The metal brake line corroded away, and without warning failed completely. My truck was built in 2002 and during that time GM did not use stainless steal for the brake lines. Living in PA, we use salt on our roads during snow events. This salt corrodes away the non stainless steal break lines. If you have a GM vehicle made from 1999-2003, check to see if the SS was OEM spec. If not, have your shop check for any corrosion along the brake lines during the next service. If any is found, replace them with stainless steal lines. There are not many thing scarier than losing your brakes unexpectedly.
rear brake line leak
2002 Chevrolet S10130,000
My repair shop needed to replace all the rear brake lines due too corroding through. 2002 S10
rusted rear brake line put in new line
Left sid brake line rusted -replaced
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