brake lights/turn signal lights on 2006 BMW 325i

had several parts replaced on car due to a flooding....brake lights and turn signal were working now they're not there trouble shooting we can do?

by in Berryton, KS on August 21, 2009
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ANSWER by on August 21, 2009
If your car has electrical problems due to flooding, I would go to an electronics store and get some aerosol electrical circuit cleaner and a tube of dielectric grease (any parts store should have a tube of it made by Permatex). With the keys out of the ignition disconnect every electrical connector you can and clean them all with the spray cleaner and then use a dab of dielectric grease on each electrical connector to improve conductivity. Corrosion in the lamp sockets and electrical connectors are hard to clean but are critical for proper electrical conductivity. I hope more sensitive computers, control modules and relays were not also damaged or you could be plagued with electrical problems in the future.
COMMENT by on August 21, 2009
everything was working on the car, except the brains.........or radio, we couldn't get rid of all the fault codes. It's been in the BMW shop for over four months getting every possible part replaced. Now we get the car back running again and the brake lights and turn signal lights don't work. I can't find any direction in the manual on where to look in car
COMMENT by on August 21, 2009
Its too bad with such a new car. Flood damage and the resulting corrosion it causes in the electrical connections are real difficult to FIx. We recently repaired a Jaguar that had rodent damage to the wiring and the owner's insurance company paid for the repair. It came close to witting off the car but the customer loved the car and decided to repair it.
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