brake lights will not go off on 1990 Nissan Pickup (D21)

The brake lights will not cut off when the truck is running nor when it is not. I did not realize the problem when it first happened. The third time I jumped it off on my way to get a battery, I walked around the truck and saw that the lights where stuck to the on position. I checked for fuses and loose wires, but no fix to the problem.

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its the button under the brake petal mine did the same thing the peice that pushes the button in to turn brakes off is prob missing i replaced mine with a small flat head bolt and prob solved
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you got to lossen the rod behind the brake pedol and they will go off i had the same problem
Have you checked the brake light switch?
I bought a brake light switch for my 1991 nissan pickup cause the lights will not go iff, just like in this thread. How do I replace it?
also, CHECK to see if the switch's alignemnt hole is missing the plug. In other wards, there is a hole in the pedal's arm, and there should be a plastic plug in it. The switch HITS the plug. or if it is missing, it goes thru the hole and the light stays on. easy to check. back up to a wall in the dark, reach up and operate the switches plunger and see if the light goes off. if thy do, but stay on when the pedal is let go of, i would put a short 10mm bolt and nut where the hole in the pedal arm is..In fact that is what I have done to mine. Plastic eventually fails.