brake lights stuck on on 1997 Ford Escort

the brake lights on my 1997 ford escort will not go off. they just stay on all the time and its never happened before. any suggestions? Thanks

by in Bucyrus, OH on May 21, 2010
3 answers
ANSWER by on May 21, 2010
It is most likely the brake light switch at the brake pedal has failed. The green white wire should have 12volts but the green wire at the switch should only have power when the pedal is pressed, if it has power pedal not pressed the switch is bad.
ANSWER by on June 27, 2010
or it could be your little Blue Pad fell off like mine. If your little blue round pad is there , then it is probably the switch. If it is gone you can glue 2 pennies to the arm or replace the pad. This just happen to me TODAY. And found my Blue Pad on the floor. Found the solution on another site and wanted to pass it on here. Good luck.
ANSWER by on August 03, 2010
The blue bumper that is probably your problem is Ford part number E7GZ-7583-A. Replacement is black and available from
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