Brake lights stay on,I have put a new brake switch in, about 6 months ago. on 2006 Pontiac Solstice

I will restart car sometimes 5 or 10 times, sometimes just one restart will cure the problem

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Possibly the switch is in need of adjustment.
It has two bosses on part so it one place to go, no adjustment. I also saw lastnite that as I drive lights go out with foot on gas , take foot off gas lights go on. Thank you for your response.
OK, so no adjustment of switch. Is the brake pedal contacting the switch properly when released? Does cruise control work as it should , or while driving will it kick off randomly?
Cruise control does not kick off or have a problem working,I did find out that I stopped using the remote to lock and unlock the doors seems like it wrks better, most likely a short or at least electrical problem. Maybe just trade in for a 2007 model first yr cars always a problem. Thanks for your help HAVE A MERRY CHRISTMAS