Brake lights stay on when car is turned off. on 1997 Toyota RAV4

Today, our brake lights stayed on even when we turned the car off. At first, it was both sides + the light in the middle of the back windshield, but we drove the car up and back a few times. Finally, the right one went off when we parked, but the left one and middle windshield one stay on. We had to take out a fuse to get them to go off. Any idea how we can troubleshoot this ourselves and maybe fix it?

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Check the brakelight switch up under the dash, activated by the brake pedal. It may have failed and won't shut off. I think the right brakelight burned out so you better check that in the process.
If you want to find a Toyota specialist, here's a directory link for you:
Thanks, Superbob. As this issue was a bit time sensitive, we muddled our way through and discovered that it was indeed a failed brake light stopper. It's fixed now, but meanwhile the battery just went dead, egged on by who-knows-how-long the brake lights were on before we discovered the problem
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the same thing happened to me a rubber spacer the size of a quarter fell from under the dash