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1995 Nissan Altima Question: brake lights stay on when car is off.

brake lights only turn off when battery is disconnected -
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Not 100% sure if this is true for a 1995 Altima but for years Nissan has used a plastic insert on the brake pedal that pushes the brake light switch button. This insert gets old and crumbles allowing the brake light switch button to just go in the hole instead of being pushed off. Just look at the brake pedal and follow it up and see where it contacts the switch. If the switch is being pushed off then it could be the switch itself or a short in that circuit. -
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You are right. There are two plastic inserts for the brake pedal, the lower one is for the cruise control which is on the lower left side of steering column and the one for the brake light is above it just to the right. Fery difficult to get to at my age not being very flexible so I took out the driver seat which only has 4 bolts and a little connection under seat for the seat belt light on dash board. $3.91 US DLRS for the part at the dealer. Old plastic part crumbled new part is more like a rubber/ silicone composite and should last longer. I can't imagine what a professional mechanic would charge to replace, and don't care to think of it .... -
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