Brake lights out on 2005 Honda Accord

All of my brake lights are out. Where is the brake light switch located on my car. And is this an easy fix?

by in Exton, PA on January 21, 2010
2 answers
ANSWER by on January 21, 2010
The brake light switch is usually mounted on the brake pedal. Also suspect the turn signal switch behind the steering wheel as the brake lights are wired thru this switch as well.
ANSWER by on January 21, 2010
Is your car an automatic transmission car? With the key on engine off press the brake pedal several times you should hear a clicking sound in the center console and you should be able to take the transmission out of park, if so the brake light switch is most likely good and it is a bulb or wiring problem at the back of the car. If you need to know the wiring colors of wires that should be live with the brake pedal pressed I can look that up for you. DooMIE is right switch is located at the brake pedal.
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