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1990 Volvo 240 Question: Brake Lights not working?

My brake lights went out, everything else works, turn signals, regular lights... I had everything checked, the brake switch under the brake pedal (replaced it), the actual light bulbs, the fuses, etc....It's just not getting power to the lights (had it tested), a mechanic said there's a break in the wire between the fuse box and brake lights? I'm not sure about that...has anyone had this kind of problem? any suggestions would help....Thanks, Rich -
Answer 1
Hey Rich, There's a "bulb check relay" on these cars, it's what turns on the Bulb Check Light. Check that the power signal is reaching the relay from the brake light switch, and that the power is leaving the relay going to the brake light bulbs. Good Luck! -
Answer 2
check the plug on the tail lights theres usually a loose wire that u have to shake around in there to get them to work......work on my volvo -
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