1999 Saturn SW2 Q&A

1999 Saturn SW2 Question: Brake lights not working

Brake light fuse blows when brake pedal is pushed. Removed bulbs one at a time trying to isolate the short. Could this be a brake switch problem? Why would the fuse blow? -
Answer 1
The fuse blows because of excessive current flow. I would troubleshoot that by installing a headlight in place of the fuse, putting a brake hold tool on the pedal to turns the circuit on, and then simply follow the current flowing through the circuit to the fault with a low amps current probe. Damage to the wiring harness that leads to the high mount brake light is common. -
Answer 2
ck wiring at brk light switch then work your way back to each socket -
Comment 1
Could smoke test it! Lol. Hey, i have done it as a last resort, found the short too! -
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