brake lights dont work on 2004 Ford Ranger

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my brake lights arent working, but all other lights are, and the fuses and bulbs are good and i replaced the brake switch at the top of the pedal also and still i have no lights --what could this be?
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Does your car have cruise control? I ask this because sometimes there are 2 brake switches, 1 for the cruise control and 1 for the brake lights. Do all 3 brake lights not work or just 1 side. If all 3 do not work, there is the possibility that the brake light circuit goes through the turn signal switch and there is a faulty contact in there. I have seen turn signals work and brake lights not work because of this problem.
The turn signal switch is on the steering column. I know that you said that you checked all the fuses but be sure fuse #19 (20 amp) is good because that fuse powers the high mounted 3rd stop light, the brake switch controls that directly, the other rear brake lights have a more complex route that does involve the turn signal switch as well as the pedal mounted brake switch. Get the 3rd one working first. Then go from there.