brake lights on 1999 Plymouth Voyager

brake lights won't come on, center light comes on but the r-l lights don't.

by in Riverside, CA on January 12, 2011
1 answer
ANSWER by on January 12, 2011
check the fuse for the lights. if it is ok, check both bulbs for failure Roy
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where is the electronic control module and what should i do to have my brake lights light up?
what can i do when my brake light do not light up as i step on the brake peddle? brake booster repaired it worked fine. Till I started driving home n shut van off in saw my brake lights was staying on tell what can I do in what the problem is thank u
Brakes are wearing out in just a couple thousand miles,sometimes the brake pedal is low then you tap it with your foot and it comes back up.There is no abs light on ,how could i test the booster

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