2000 Mercedes-Benz ML320 Q&A

2000 Mercedes-Benz ML320 Question: brake lights

why do my brake lights come on when I start my car and stay on until I turn the car off -
Answer 1
Do you mean the brake lights at the rear of thee car are remaining on all the time, if so I would think the brake light switch has failed / shorted. If the brake light on the dash board is remaining illuminated I would check the brake fluid level in the fluid reservoir. -
Comment 1
the 3 rear brake lights [ML320-2002] come on as long with the engine on, how to repair the switch ? please. -
Answer 2
Looks like the brake light switch is bad,.if the cruse control won't work it is the switch. -
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Thank you! The Red Brake light comes on when I stop and then the Yellow circular light comes on as well.
when my emergency brake light flashes why does it cause the tranmission to go into limp mode i can only drive up to 20mph?
The ETS light is on my dashboard will driving and stays on whats is the ETS and what does it mean and how to repair it ?
...help! Replacing the center console is possible but how hard is that?? And any ideas about the brake lights? That was the only problem but now I have several problems. Could it be as simple as a fuse?