Brake light signal light problem on 1998 Pontiac Trans Sport

When vehicle is running and you press the brake both signal indicators light up in the dash, also with brake on and left turn signal brake is dim and reverse light glow dimly

by in Porthill, ID on January 29, 2009
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ANSWER by on January 30, 2009
It sounds like what you have is a "feedback" issue caused by a bad electrical ground. Most of the electrical circuits in our cars use the metal chassis to complete the "ground" side of the circuit. When the ground side is not functioning correctly the electrical current has to go somewhere so it flows backward through the circuit looking for a path to ground. Check both brake light bulbs, sockets, and grounds for proper operation. Repair any faults and then recheck the operation of you lights.
ANSWER by on May 20, 2010
The tail light connectors are not as heavy duty as they should be. The connector heats up and melts the plastic and the voltage is not correct causing the problem.
COMMENT by on June 04, 2010
thank you
ANSWER by on August 01, 2010
My wifes van is doing the same. Have you figured out the solution yet? I have replaced ALL the bulbs and still doing it. Very frustrating.
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the main brake lights will not get bright when the pedal is pressed.The brake light on the gate works but not te main two. parking lights and turn signals work.checked fuses and replaced the bulbs....

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