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1997 Dodge Avenger Question: Brake light short

Fuse shorting out for brake lights replaced brake swithch but did not resolve the issue. Not sure where to go next -
Answer 1
Does the fuse blow right when you put the fuse in, or when depressing the brake pedal? -
Comment 1
when you put the fuse in for the brake lights it blows -
Comment 2
You'll need to fault trace the wire from the fuse to the brake light switch. The wire must be shorted out somewhere. Follow the power wire from the brake switch back to the fuse box, look for where it may be rubbing on a metal bracket and shorting out. Let me know what you find out. -
Comment 3
Will do ty -
Answer 2
My 1990 740 Volvo brake lights have two separate blubs on each side. However, only one bulb on each side works when brake pedal depressed. In addition, on one side the working blub does not light up as bright as the other side. Any help or suggestions appreciated. -