Brake Light Issue on 2008 Dodge Avenger

08 Dodge Avenger 4 Cyl Auto.brake light comes on intermittently whenever I come to a stop. For instance I am sitting at a traffic light the brake light will appear on the dash. I start to drive the light will go off a few seconds later

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Did you get an answer on this at all... I have the same problem and have had it in a few times. They can't find anything.
fluid is low in the reservoir
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Brake fluid is low in the reservoir
i have an 08 dodge avenger rt and found out that when the brake pads are nearing replacement then the dashboard "BRAKE" light comes on to indicate low brake fluid pressure. It started happening when we had about 10% left on the brakes. Dodge dealer added brake fluid and it corrected it for a few weeks. I had the brakes replaced (front and rear) and the problem is resolved. Good luck!