Brake Light issue on 2002 Mercury Villager

OK this one has be baffled. My brake lights do not work. The third brake light works just fine. The turn signals work as well. The tail lights work. The only thing not working is the brake lights. Any help would be appreciated.

by in Dyersburg, TN on February 12, 2009
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ANSWER by on February 12, 2009
Have you change the brake light switch on the back of the brake pedal Napa part # MPE SL330SB or # ECH SL330 about $8 to $12
ANSWER by on February 12, 2009
If your third brake light works when you step on the brake, it is probably not the brake light switch. Have you inspected the bulbs? Some dual-filament bulbs can have a single filament burn out. If the bulbs are ok, look at the condition of the sockets.
ANSWER by on February 24, 2009
I agree with Andy Y, but it does seem odd that both rear brake lights do not work. (Doesn't seem logical that brake light switch is bad, if third light works.)
COMMENT by on June 05, 2010
maybe a be a short in the wiring use a volt meter check for voltage
ANSWER by on October 04, 2010
it's in the blinker switch. You have to replace the whole thing.
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