Brake light issue on 2009 Chevrolet Equinox

I recently changed a headlight. Just discovered both my rear brake lights not working. I am wondering if there is a connection or if it is a separate issue.

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Not related, does the high mount brake light work? If not check fuses then brake light switch.
If it does work check both bulbs, could be shot. Lastly it could be the signal light switch.
But not likely on a 2009.
High mount brake light works.

I asked about headlight because I was wondering if I could have tripped/disconnected one of the other harness wires, braking the circuit that could be causing the no rear brake lights, outside of high mount.

Is the brake light switch something I can test and replace at home?
I would check the bulbs first and go from there
Unreal - both bulbs dead. never saw anything like it. Thanks for your help.
Headlights and brake lights have seperate circuits...You experienced both brake lights burnt out this time because when one of them did not notice that and it allowed more amperage to the other bulb...burning that one faster...once that one burned also...your third brake light took in more amperage than it has to...I would change all three brake light bulbs now.
interesting - thank you.
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no connection based on the year most likely bulbs or brk light switch