brake light fuse keeps burning out on 2004 Cadillac Seville

My cadillac seville (2004) brake light fuse keeps burning out whenever I step on the brake. I have checked the brake switches, they seem OK, I have replaced the bulbs in rear, and after that was done they worked OK for about 2 days, then the fuses started to blow out. I am stumped.

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The circuit has a short!The new bulbs had less resistence in them and the fuse lasted a bit longer, before it heated up from excess amps,or voltage draw.Check for a loose ground wire as well.Look for the obvious under the car as well,at the bulb sockets,or where the wiring can rub against frameworks! corosion can cause resistance in circuits.Road splash can be corrosive in due time!in line Connectors between the brake switch,and the rear lites can get moisture in them and corrode.This would be an oppen circuit!Is the carpet wet from leaks underneath while driving??
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Vehicle Application: 2004 Cadillac Seville SLS 4.6L

Customer Concern: No stop lamps, Service Electrical System message on the dash and a traction light is on. Trouble code P1574.
Tests/Procedures: 1. Verify the STOP LP fuse #19 is ok in the fuse panel under the back seat.

2. Check for power on the Orange wire at the 2 terminal brake light switch. If no voltage, check for a wiring problem on the Orange wire between the fuse panel and the stop lamp switch.

3. With the brake applied, check for voltage on the White wire at the stop lamp switch. If no voltage, replace the stop lamp switch.

4. If voltage appears on the White wire at the stop lamp switch, access the White wire splice pack SP302 under the carpet between the A pillar and B pillar.
Potential Causes: Corroded Splice SP302
Stop Lamp Fuse
Stoplamp Switch

Diagnostic Codes: P1574

Have you had your caddy scanned for codes?