brake light and abs light on on 1998 Dodge Durango

My abs and brake light are on continuously, is there a way to tell if the problem lies with the wheel sensor or the ABS control module?

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Have you checked the codes in the ABS module? If so, what are they?
First off, Thanks AUTOBEEF! I corrected the "Speedometer not functioning until after 25MPH, ABS and Brake Light on issue" on my 1999 Dodge Durango with 144000 miles. Rear differential Speed sensor or may be listed as the ABS Speed sensor Information for the masses. I checked the suspected sensor I took out of my vehicle and found it had infinite resistance or OL, open circuit using an ohm meter. Purchased an after market sensor from the local car parts store for $31; the new sensor shows 1938 ohms of resistance using an ohmeter across its two prong connecter. I would expect 1900 to 2000 ohms is OK. One other thing to know is it is a magnet and you can check if the magentism is there with a small push pin just see if it sticks when close to the bottom of the sensor. Removed it and replaced it no issues by climbing under vehicle no jacking needed. Will need a 13mm and a 14mm wrench. Maybe some pliers to help push the push tab down to seperate the connector it will be a little tough. The sensor is mounted on top in the middle of the rear differential. The good news is the vehicle is showing no more ABS or Brake light and the speedometer works from 0 and on!! Thanks to those before us that started this thread. Good luck and happy fixing!!!
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check your brake pads or the wire behind your rotors could have a short in it
My brake light and ABS light stays on once in awhile when I'm driving,what would be the problem