brake light on 1999 Plymouth Grand Voyager

the brake light comes on when I turn left the steering wheel also wobbles while driving

by in Cleveland, OH on December 17, 2008
3 answers
ANSWER by on December 19, 2008
Low brake fluid in the master cylinder reservoir can cause the brake light to come on when turning, try checking the fluid level. The steering wheel wobble could be caused by loose front suspension components, loose steering column components, or a wheel/tire problem. This sounds like a safety issue and you should have the problem checked by a qualified technician as soon as possible!
ANSWER by on November 01, 2012
brake light may come on due to the float in the master cylinder fluid level sensor....steering wobble is caused by loose steering component(s)
ANSWER by on November 01, 2012
Also may want to check the front (between rad & eng.)motor mount, they tended to give a 'wobble' sensation (like the wheels are loose) , at take-off , under mild to moderate load. And don't take so long to fix it next time!
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