Brake Light on 2001 Volkswagen Jetta

How do I turn off brake light in center of dash cluster? (circle with 3 lines on each side)

by in Woodstown, NJ on May 08, 2011
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ANSWER by on May 08, 2011
Is it a red brake light? If so, the parking brake may be seen as being on, the brake fluid level may be low, or the vehicle is sensing brake wear out. The red light can come on due to excessive brake pedal travel too.
COMMENT by on May 09, 2011
No, it is a yellow circle with 3 lines on each side (3+9 o'clock) in the very center of the dash cluster. It does not say "BRAKE". How do I cancel it? I appreciate your help. How do I adjust pedal travel, under the dash? Thanks for the help.
COMMENT by on May 09, 2011
I'm sorry to say that I'm unclear as to what light this is, and for this reason I am unable to give you good advice. I am going to advise you to see a local service provider who would be more than happy to observe and help you with your warning light - at no charge, I'm sure. Click on the DIRECTORY link at the top of the page for some shops near you. Good luck!
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