Brake job on 2007 Lexus RX400h

A local shop told my daughter that to do her brakes it would cost $500 per axle. They told her that they replace the rotors when they do the brakes. All she wanted done was to replace the pads.

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Usually it's not advisable to only replace the pads. At the very least, the discs should be machined. They may be under the legal limit and need to be replaced anyway. If you only install new pads, usually the brakes don't work that well and she'd be unhappy with the work. I don't know about prices, maybe you should find an independent Lexus or a Toyota specialist for another estimate. I don't like to be cheap with expensive, high performance cars. Seems like the wrong strategy. Actually, $500 per axle seems like a good price for new pads and rotors, you won't get that good a deal around where I live..
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