brake issues on 2000 Mercury Mountaineer

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i just replace my brakes in my 2000 mountaineer AWD 2 months ago. well this morning the vehicle was running great but this afternoon the front end was feeling kind of funny and rubbing on the front end. it is 7:45 at night and i just saw all the brake broke up beside 1/4inch thick by 1/2 width all the way across the metal plate. the rest of the brake pad was broken up....can some one please tell me what could cause this and how can i fix it beside i need to buy another set of pads. ohh by the way the rotor is rough spots at all.
(1) Answer
Defective brake pads are really, really rare but you need a new set of brake pads. Closely inspect the pads to see that all four pads are evenly worn . Look for signs of over heating on the brake pads and brake discs and ,make sure the calipers slide easily on the guide pins.