brake fluid leak on 2000 Dodge Neon

I have a brake fluid leak i believe. Yesterday my Emergency brake light was on without the brake being engaged. I did the usual , reversing, pulling it back and placing it down and stuff and it stayed on. So i added some brake fluid and the light turned off. I then drove probably about 30-40 miles and the light then ticked on again. I checked my resevoir and it was back to near empty. I'm pretty sure it is a leak but not sure where and what it will cost can you please help

by in Ambridge, PA on March 10, 2010
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ANSWER by on March 10, 2010
You should avoid driving you vehicle, have it towed to a shop, this is a potential danger to you and others on the road. Once it is inspected, then an estimate for the repairs can be provided, and you can check with the estimator on RepairPal to compare:
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