Brake drums on 1992 Nissan Pickup (D21)

i have replaced the pads on the truck but now i can not put the drum back on. i cant seem to be able to get it any tighter. what are all the steps i should do?

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If you removed the (shoes) and did not readjust the adjuster down all the way when reassembled then that is it, could have a lip right at the leading edge of drum surface that was put there by previous shoes that will need machined away, always recommend machining drums and rotors when doing brake work, or you could have gotten a set of shoes that the friction material was too thick when installed at factory or wrong set of shoes even though they installed ok. Good luck.
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If you are replacing the brake pads then there is no drum. Take the cap off the brake reservior use the old pad and a C-Clamp and push the piston of the caliper in slowly until it stops moving. Do not put a lot of pressure on the piston. It will cause the piston to stick. While doing this; brake fluid level will rise in the reservior as the piston moves inward. Good Luck.