brake cable adjusment on 1995 Dodge Avenger

where is the emergency brake cable adjustment at

Asked by for the 1995 Dodge Avenger
The rear brakes are self adjusting and should require no periodic adjustment. Prior to adjusting the handbrake inspect the rear brakes to ensure they are OK. The handbrake should apply in 5 to 7 "clicks", if not remove the center console if equipped and adjust the adjusting nut until the hand brake applies in 5 to 7 clicks.
I tryed to remove the center but there were wires not on a plug , so for me to remove cosole I would have to cut those wires.
i had to do the same just undo the shifter and the overdrive button and cut those wires you will be just fine just make sure you put it back together correctly and use heat shrink tubing not wires connectors for they wont fit