brake booster problems on 1995 Toyota T100

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I replaced brake booster and everything works except when I drive a few miles then pedal gets hard(the truck stops fine but now brakes are rubbing and getting hot). I pull over and disconnect vacume hose and it releases brakes and I can drive it. When I first start out in morning the pedal has right amount of play before engageing brakes
and breaks worke fine. What could it be? I would appreciate any hepl in this matter. Thank you
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Used or new booster? What information/instructions did you have besides lefty-loosey, righty-tighty? Is your brake pedal free-play adjustment correct? (lefty-loosey, righty-tighty is a damned good start though---some people can't even get that!) --Seriously--check pedal free-play and then re-check booster installation-including vacuum line check-valve being in the right direction.............never mind , once again I didn't check the date on the original post.......DUH! Hope you got it fixed without to much headache...What did it end up being? Helpful for others with same issue.
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the booster rod could be out of adj if adjustable or the wrong rod
Brakes are ok at first,rod length should not change! I would swich out the booster again.Are ALl brakes binding up???
Did you replace the booster for this same problem? What else have you replaced. Is the master cyl.OE? Need more info.
the brake booster was going(started to fail tit got hard so stop the truck at times) I replaced the booster and everything seemed to work ok the truck stopped fine. when I took it on highway for a drive (about 5 miles) the pedal started to get hard and there was no play it stopped the truck fine but I noticed the breakes were engadged and were getting hot. thats when i disconnected the vaccume hoe to release the breakes. In the morning withith the vaccume hoe reattached the breakes work fine but after some driving the same problem reappeares.
Are both front and rear brakes tight when this happens? May have to jack up both ends while brakes are tight
to see.Test and post results.Will know more then.
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