brake & battery light on..wheel is hard to turn on 1999 Nissan Altima

I heard a weird noise from my car drivin to the store and when I came back from the store the brake n battery light was on and the wheel is really hard to turn and when the car is in park the number thing that goes to like 10 or whatever goes up to 3 like if I'm stepping on the gas but its in park. What's wrong with the car?

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Sounds like the drive belt broke and fell off ( serpentine belt ) And it runs the water pump,Alternator and power steering . You need to bring it to a shop near you to get another belt put on belt cost is about $35 But something might have failed and caused the belt to break, Try to go to a shop close by or have it towed because the water pump isn't turning so the car will overheat
Thanks I think it was my boyfriend said he saw the belt hangin.