2000 BMW 323i Q&A

2000 BMW 323i Question: Brake and ABS light comes on

New brakes and rotors done, and brake light and ABS light comes on and stay on for a while, then goes off. Also felt something moving/shifting while foot on the brakes. -
Answer 1
This needs to go back to the shop that performed the work, and you may want to tow it, this sounds dangerous. -
Answer 2
wheel speed sensor. for the price of 3, about $90 you can also have it put on the computer to read which wheel sensor is bad...this costs $95. So buy two, change out the fronts, if the lights don't go out, change out the rear. Easy job, all you need is an allen key. -
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Abs light come on its like the brakes apply to stop what causes this to happen