2004 BMW X3 Q&A

2004 BMW X3 Question: Brake and 4x4 warning

brake and 4x4 warning lights came on while driving. No change in driveability or braking, and the car is making no noises. Possible causes? -
Answer 1
Is the ABS light also on? That should indicate a ABS / Trac control problem, maybe a lost wheel speed sensor signal. To figure out for sure it has to be diagnosed with an OE or similar diagnostic computer. Zee -
Comment 1
No, the ABS light is not on. I had brakes and rotors replaced within the last two months, so I am thinking wheel speed sensor. The lights went off yesterday and have not returned, so I am thinking this is definitely just a sensor. Thanks for the answer! -
Answer 2
hold the button that reads u have a flat for more than 20 seconds should help -