1996 Mitsubishi Eclipse Q&A

1996 Mitsubishi Eclipse Question: BOV replacement

Hello: I got a new Performance BOV how hard is to replace the stock one, and what's the difference to add this product -
Answer 1
A performance blow-off valve helps keep the turbo spooled to reduce lag. When you let off the gas and close the throttle, the blow-off releases the extra pressure and lets the turbo keep spinning. Without a blow-off, the turbine stops spinning and increases lag. You also get the signature "whoosh" with an atmospheric BOV. If your car is stock, I don't see you getting many gains from a bov. I'm not sure where your stock bypass valve is but most BOV's are mounted to the intercooler piping. Also remember in California, an atmospheric BOV is a great way to fail your next SMOG. It is considered unmetered air. CHP and local police can write REF tickets for it too if they have a problem with it -